Get the payday loan consolidation help you need without the hassle

Sooner or later in our lives, we apply for credit for some reason. In fact, there are those who run more payday loans in parallel. We know this happens, and that’s okay. However, there is still something to do to get better financially. The solution is to consolidate payday loans via How is this possible?

The credit market is not the narrowest and so we can choose from many types of contracts. First of all, we have the largest mortgage loan here. This helps our ideas about the apartment.

In addition, there are personal loans from which we can achieve many of our goals, and we have written more about them here. Credit cards are also quite common in the hands of the Hungarian population and should be used wisely. And back then, we were not even concerned with commodity loans, credit lines.

So there are a number of credit facilities we can have.

So let’s knit them together!


If we have the opportunity, we will certainly be better off bringing them together in a contract than having to settle them separately. And we’re not just talking about transfer costs, but it’s also a striking item.

Let’s calculate through an example of why this process is worth it!

If we have a $ 12 million, 20-year mortgage loan, that would cost us more than $ 20,000 a month, according to the calculator. But suppose we have an average loan that is not the cheapest and therefore counts on a monthly installment of $ 69,000!

Adding to that, a $ 1 million personal loan (6 years), which is the cheapest at a HUF 17 monthly rate, let’s count $ 19,000!

And let’s have a $ 300,000 credit line. As well as a $ 500,000 commodity loan for which you get $ 50,000 a month.

Before we get into the interest rates

Mortgage loan – 3.62%, personal loan – 11.56%, mortgage loan – 29.33%

According to the calculator of the loan. hu (setting the target redemption target) for our $ 13.8 million loans as much as $ 71 thousand, as opposed to $ 138 thousand. So come and visit us! We are also here to help you with such transactions.