Small loans for debt consolidation

Small loans for debt consolidation

With the economic crisis and the precariousness of work, more and more taxpayers find themselves having to apply for loans and mortgages. Loans that over time may be unsustainable. Situation in which debt consolidation is advantageous, which allows the various loans in progress to be combined into a single credit line. Public employees and pensioners have the opportunity to take advantage of the subsidized rates guaranteed by the government debt consolidation loans.

Although there is no real debt consolidation product in the offer of government loans, there are two solutions that can be adopted. Loans are divided into two categories of products: small loans and long-term loans.

Small loans are personal loans that allow you to obtain sums of up to 8 months’ salary or pension. Money that can be used at the applicant’s convenience. Possibility that therefore allows to request a loan with the intention of extinguishing others already in progress and repaying the debt using the subsidized rate applied by Social security.

We would like to remind you that small loans, as well as long-term loans, are disbursed by Social security through a special credit fund. The interest rate (Tan) applied is 4.25%.

Multi-year loan for mortgage repayment: rate and conditions 2018

Instead, the issue for multi-year loans is different. In this case, these are loans granted only to meet specific expenses, which must be included in those provided by the Social security Loans Regulation.

Among the purposes for which it is possible to obtain a multi-year Social security ex government loan we find the extinction of a current mortgage loan. Extinction that can be both partial and total. The mortgage in question may also have been signed by both the applicant and his spouse.

By requesting government loans for long-term debt consolidation, the amount that can be financed is defined on the basis of the residual debt of the mortgage. The repayment takes place in 10 years with the application of a Tan equal to 3.5%.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.