With ever-increasing fuel prices, it is not easy to budget for how much to spend on gasoline each month, even if you do not drive more than usual. To fight rising gasoline prices, you have to be smart. Here are 5 ways to save money on gasoline.

1) Are you driving financially?

You just stopped for a red light. There are no other cars in sight and you have 2 kilometers of straight road ahead. What are you doing? Exactly, you press the accelerator slowly so you don’t use more fuel than you need. Economical driving where you are around 2000-3000 dollars is something your wallet greatly appreciates. If you stay in red light or queue for an extended period of time you should also consider turning off the engine.

It’s also important to think about how to maneuver your car. Do you brake like this or you slow down like this. Plan and keep your eyes open so that you acquire a comfortable driving style. This is something your passengers, your car and the environment appreciate.

2) Make sure you check your car

Anything you don’t need scrap and stuff should be removed from the car. Scrap takes up unnecessary space and increases the overall weight of the car, which means you get a higher bill.

If you are nap, you do not fill the fuel tank completely. Why? The more fuel you load your car, the less economical it will be to drive. The weight goes up and it takes more energy to move the car. In other words, make sure you fill the tank to 1/3 full or 1/2 full so you can save money on gasoline.

In addition, it is important that you check that you are using the correct engine oil and that there is air in the tires. You can refer to the user manual that was provided when you bought your car if you are wondering which oil is best for your car. Here you can also check the recommended air levels for your tires. It is also important that you take your car for service at regular intervals.

3) Find a credit card where you get Cashback when buying fuel!

A cashback credit card when you buy fuel gives you the opportunity to get back some of the money you pay for fuel. For each purchase, the bank will pay you a certain percentage of what you spend, which is king! Lenders such as DNB, Eika and Danske Bank offer credit cards with cashback.

4) Most people say “Turn off the air conditioning”, we say “Turn it on!”

Yes, you heard correctly. One would think that rolling down the window is more economical than running with air conditioning on. Again, at high speeds, an open window will drastically reduce the car’s efficiency. The amount of fuel you use can actually increase by as much as 20%, oh damn …

5) Take the bike when you can

If you have the opportunity to take your bike to work you will soon notice the difference. Not only will you get in better shape but you will also see that you have more money to spend at the end of the month. Two birds with one stone!

We hope that our saving tips were useful for those looking to save money on gasoline. If you have suggestions for things that should have been included feel free to come up with suggestions.

What do you think is the best way to save on gas?